• Location:
  • Year:
  • Installed capacity:
    87,975 MW
  • Type:
    Pumped-storage power plant
  • River/Lake:
    Bóbr, derivation canal
  • Object type:
    Elektrownia wodna
The ZEW Dychów complex comprises hydroelectric power plants on the Bóbr, Kwisa and Nysa Łużycka Rivers. The Dychów Pumped-Storage Power Plant plays the key role. Additionally, the Dychów complex consists of 16 small run-of-river power plants, with a total capacity of approximately 20 MW.

The Dychów complex was built in the years 1934–1936. It is a derivation-type pumped-storage power plant: dammed water of the Bóbr River is diverted through the weir in Krzywaniec via a 20.4 km canal to the retention reservoir in Dychów, whose total capacity equals four million cubic metres.
  • Dychów Hydroelectric Power Plant

  • 66-627 Bobrowice
    Dychów 6a
  • (+48 68) 383 84 77
  • (+48 68) 383 68 75