• Location:
  • Year:
  • Installed capacity:
    198,660 MW
  • Type:
    Pumped-storage power plant
  • River/Lake:
  • Object type:
    Elektrownia wodna
Water power stations Solina-Myczkowce operates assets located on the San River. They enjoy an extremely picturesque location, among peaks of the Bieszczady Mountains. The assets comprise two power plants and two reservoirs.

Solina is a peak-load power plant with a pumping component, which plays a significant role in the Polish power system. Prior to its modernisation, the plant‘s installed capacity was 136 MW, increased up to 200 MW following the modernisation. The plant consists of four hydroelectric units. It is located at the foot of Poland‘s highest gravity dam. The available head is 60 m. The higher-elevation reservoir of the plant is the largest artificial lake in Poland.
  • Solina Hydroelectric Power Plant

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