The purpose of the project to be co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development is to develop a model of systemic service provision to stabilise and regulate the operation of medium voltage distribution grid using the energy storage facilities based on lithium-ion cells.

The initiative responds to the needs of energy market. Due to the continuous increase in installed power from unstable energy sources (wind and solar energy) observed, new methods for stabilisation of power grid operation, including in particular of medium voltage grids, must be developed.

Therefore, to reduce energy losses and related costs, grid operation stability should be provided as closest to the unstable energy sources as possible and should automatically adjust to the local grid conditions.

Energy storage facility, along with technologically advanced control system, will enable providing systemic services addressing the user’s needs.

The project includes also development of model of settlements with the distribution grid operators (DGOs) enabling effective provision of such services.

Implementation of the research and development project – ‘Energy storage facility adapting the PV farm to operate in smart grids’ shall be completed by the end of February 2021.