The modernisation of the Gubin Hydroelectric power plant has been subsidised with 6 million zloty by Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway under the EOG Financial Mechanism.

PGE Energia Odnawialna has outlined a number of objectives and advantages which will have been achieved after the completion of the modernisation process. It is assumed that that the facility will increase its generation potential, that is produce more electrical energy, (increase by 10%) and be less prone to technical break-downs. Additionally, the volume of CO2 emitted by the power plant will be reduced while adjusting it to the newest technological standards shall enable it to operate without any negative influence on the environment and add at least 40 years to its estimated life. The investment will also increase security as it will mitigate the risk of flood and fire.

The modernisation of the Gubin Hydroelectric power plant corresponds with the Polish power sector strategy and development plan as well as goes along with the main assumptions of: ITI Strategy, Low Carbon Economy Plan and the 2020 Agenda for Sustainable Development, The Revitalisation Program, river basin management plans. The surplus energy produced by the modernised facility will be completely consumed and its generation will become more environmentally friendly.