Leader of the Region 2013


On 27 November 2013, these prestigious awards were granted to companies that have the biggest impact on the Podkarpackie voivodship development. PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A. ZEW Solina-Myczkowce Division in Solina is included among the awarded companies.

The Leader of the Region 2013 is the fourth edition of the competition organised by the Gazeta Codzienna Nowiny newspaper. Out of many companies the Chapter selects leaders in individual domains that are significant employers, pioneers of entrepreneurship and management innovation.

PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A. ZEW Solina-Myczkowce Division was awarded in the category of renewable energy. The Leader of the Region statuette was presented to the technical director of the Solina-based power plant, Piotr Walko by Władysław Ortyla, the Marshal of the Podkarpackie voivodship. – It is a great honour for us to receive the award, but this is also a confirmation that all we do is noticed and appreciated in both social and economic area. This is a confirmation of the fact that it is worth being involved in our work, it is worth being guided by the idea of socially responsible business and fair play rules – said Piotr Walko at the ceremony.

PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A. ZEW Solina-Myczkowce Division in Solina manages Poland’s unique facilities. A dam in Solina is the largest hydro-engineering structure in Poland, while a power plant is the largest pumped-storage power plant working on the natural tributary. After more than 30 years the power plant was thoroughly upgraded. – We have invested in the state-of-the-art technologies to obtain water energy – reminds Józef Folcik, the division director. With increased parameters, the power plant can effectively work for another several dozen years, without any serious renovations.

At the same time, natural environment was taken into consideration. – All the upgraded main and auxiliary systems related to the turbine work, including lubrication systems, are equipped with safety devices which prevent lubricants, oils and other pollutants from lubrication systems and power machine cooling systems from getting into watercourses – emphasises Piotr Walko, the technical director. – The title is the award and honour for all our employees who work hard to generate good company results, to achieve its growth and success – he added.