The new biogas plant will benefit both farmers and the whole local community. The facility will need corn harvested from 400 ha of land per year, which means PLN 1,600,000 in estimated annual revenue for farmers, plus high quality, environmentally friendly fertiliser. Related taxes will add PLN 300,000 to the commune's budget, while the biogas plant will ensure energy security and new jobs in the region.

PGE Energia Odnawialna S.A. has leased 4.7 ha of land from farmers from the Commune of Zarzecze, with an option to purchase the land after the investment decision is made. The title to land is the primary document required to apply for EU aid funding and to obtain technical requirements for power grid connection.

The agreements were officially concluded and certified by a notary public on March 29th 2010, during celebrations of the International Water Day in Zarzecze.